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Collectively, we live and act as a group of the boldest thinkers with the biggest hearts – or co-llectives, as we like to call them.

While we evolve the idea of how artificial intelligence may generate a greater good, across all fields. We also love to kick-back in relaxed attire and a pair of comfy sneakers as we are solidly standing on equal and including soil. Where we inspire, engage and challenge the field of artificial intelligence. Together.

Even though we are an exclusive community. We are always including with our doors open to offer the warmest welcome to everyone and all kinds of co-humans.

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We care about artificial intelligence and you. That is basically it. That is why we are providing the greatest bundle of perks and benefits for you to feed off as you indulge in challenging projects and pioneering tech.

We are certain that freedom equals ‘feel-good’. Which generates passion and genius ideas.

That is why the Collective operates in times and places where they perform their best and sense to be in an almost direct line with the solution and the main goal.

  • Challenging assignments
  • Projects with leaders of innovation
  • Pioneering tech
  • Great salary
  • Pension package
  • Extra weeks of vacation
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work
  • Potential partnership
  • Warm & inclusive culture
  • Cool & genious team
  • Warm hearted
  • Customizable perks & benefit packages
  • Electric vehicle

Grab a snug seat in our exclusive community.