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AI & Data specialists achieving breakthrough results


Looking for a streamlined effort to apply artificial intelligence in your business? Or maybe you are just dying for some inspiration.

Our consultants can help you with everything from Strategic Advisory to Techinical Execution.

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make the cut

We don’t hire to fill out seats in the Collective’s super comfy couch. The Collective consists of bold thinkers, collected on a worldwide scavenger hunt. The exclusive top 1% who passed have undergone an advanced, yet personal recruitment process to earn their spot.

When all the resumé checking and assessments is out of the way. We filter them through a process that is relaxed and individual. One of the things we are very keen on settling with a potential candidate: Do we share the same passion and what are your dreams?

If it’s a match. The most passionate ones get hand-picked to join our mission.

Artificial intelligence,
for the greater good.

Our promise

Through our Collective of the greatest individuals – we inspire, engage and challenge. All to evolve the idea of how artificial intelligence may generate a greater good, for the clients specific cause.

Our promise to you – is that our collective will fill out the missing piece in your organization to bring fresh insights and unravel new possibilities, unknown to the world.

For this to happen, we use a lot of big and technical words that in fact are the fibers to our entire being and pursuit. We will teach you all about them, if you are curious. But for now, bear with us!

  • Neural Network
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Modelling
  • NLP
  • Speech
  • Search
  • Development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Research Expertise
  • Strategy
  • Automation
  • Services


We solely auction off our Collective for projects where we see a worldwide business and societal benefit. The greatest innovators on the market are some of those who share the same objective and passion as us. Therefore, we have with the greatest delicacy – picked their project for our Collective to saturate.

The common thing our clients share is the strive to keep an upper hand on their competitors. By elevating and strengthening their position on the market, through applying artificial intelligence in their organization and to their product.

by passion,
not trends.

by proximity

The Collective operates globaly, yet in proximity with leading innovators. This generates a genuine connection and presence appreciated by us at AC, as well as by our clients.

Our first Collective is based in Gothenburg. Surrounded by local and global innovators - in the GBG area. Our south-west location also allows us to stay close to clients beyond the horizon and throughout our continent. We are planning to spread our passion, knowledge and collective force to new cities by opening Collectives in Stockholm, London and New York. If you are stationed in any of these cities – drop a message. We love to make new connections with potential clients and unlimited minds to join our Collective at the new location.