Create future history with AI


The Collective is an exclusive movement for brave thinkers.

Jointly on a mission, evolving the ideas of how artificial intelligence may improve daily life for all of us, empowering organizations, businesses and ventures to transform the future of history into real break-through results.

This is the melting pot where the greatest talents of artificial intelligence gets to create worldwide societal and business benefits with the world's foremost innovators.

Magnificent possibilities

"Artificial intelligence never stop to amaze me. Something we can’t see, or touch - generates worldwide benefits. Not only for businesses, but as well for our global society. The insights we learn and apply today - helps us understand, improve and meet the needs of tomorrow and future generations to come. That is why I am greatly proud to be a co-lletive" - André Ollesson

top tier

We don’t hire to fill out seats in the Collective’s super comfy couch. Although, packed brainstorming sessions is something we do love!

The Collective consists of brave thinkers who all have undergone an advanced, yet personal recruitment process to earn their spot.

The most passionate ones get hand-picked to meet on a joint mission. Are you the unique, unlimited mind to grab a snug seat in our exclusive community? We are offering you a warm welcome to give it a try!

  • Technically educated
  • Mindly unlimited
  • Brave thinkers
  • Warm hearted
  • Lovers of artificial intelligence

Let us,
inspire you

We are a movement. Not just another consulting agency. We are driven by passion. Not trends, launch plans and market analyzes. We work on long-term projects crafting solutions that humanity lacks, years before the need arises.

Looking for a streamlined effort to apply artificial intelligence in your business? Or maybe you are just dying for some inspiration. Either way - we are here to rock your world.